Candidate Care

As a candidate applying for any career opportunity you must adhere to below mentioned guidelines:

  • 1. Always provide correct information
  • 2. Keeping your consultant updated about any changes in your profile during the course of engagement
  • 3. Not fake on any documents

Job Seekers needs to be authentic in their communications. Toward the end of the hiring process, recruiters absolutely hire on personality. For example, an organization will always want to see their VALUES in the prospective hire they are interviewing. It’s so important for a recruiter and for an employer to make sure they’ve got the right fit.

What makes you a good fit? You can’t fake this–there’s no point in even trying. The only thing you can do is to make sure that you’re authentic in your interview. Authenticity comes from being humble, so humility is a big leadership trait that one looks for. If you are self aware and know the areas where you need self development, a lot of hiring managers will pick up on that. You cannot be a star from day one. They will also want to know that you will take ownership of your own career development. No organization have time to hold your hand.

What you can expect from us:

We don’t process your candidature without your consent. We do not charge any fees from our candidates, we commit to keep your information confidential, provide proper feedback on your profile if we process it for any position, provide complete information about the position & client before processing your candidature.