Manager - Legal with a Leading Life Ins. Co. - Mumbai

  • Job Reference No
  • Position Type
    Full Time
  • Functional Area
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Salary
    14 to 16 Lpa
  • Experience
    5 to 7 Years
  • UG Qualification
  • PG Qualification
  • Contact Person
  • Phone
  • Description


    1. Conducts the preparation, negotiation, acceptance, management and termination of standard and nonstandard contracts and subcontracts.
    2. Draft, review and modify agreements to assist and support various business activities such as-
    • High Value Domestic and International Commercial Agreements – supply agreement, service agreement, marketing and distribution agreement, agency agreement, co-marketing agreement, loan agreements, job work agreement, tender documents, bidding arrangements & MOU etc.
    • Property Agreement – Leave and license agreement, lease agreement, warehousing services agreement etc.
    • HR & Administration Agreement – Manpower supply agreement, travel services agreement, consultancy agreement etc.
    • IT Agreement – Master facility agreement, software license agreement, consultancy agreement etc.
    • Marketing Agreement – website development, advertisement agency agreement etc.
    1. Checking title verification reports for properties
    2. Handling litigation in chosen cases
    3. Compliance for post – loan disbursement formalities, securitizing all transactions for SME function.